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A Gift from Life

BioDan is an innovative bioengineering company specializing in regenerative medicine with a particular focus on skin. Our research and living skin products have a wide range of applications, from treating and healing severe burns and chronic ulcers to cosmetic testing.

The BioDan Group focuses on 3 distinct fields of innovation: living skin substitues, organ creation through 3D printing, and nanostructured ingredients for Cosmothology, Dermatology and Ophthalmology.

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Autologous Living Skin for Severe Burns, Chronic Ulcers and Plastic Surgery

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Nanotechnology for Dermatology, Cosmetics and Ophthalmology

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Skin and Organ 3D Bio-Printing with patented bio-inks for Clinical and Testing Purposes


BioDan is a young and growing company with a passion for innovation and sustainability. We complement our expertise by working with a wide network of strategic partners around the world and aim to become a global player in the regenerative medicine industry by 2017 beginning from our base in Spain and Europe.

Medical innovation is a complex field of work and we strive to stay faithful to our deep-rooted values, personal ethics and integrity.

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Our History

BioDan was created in 2013 by a select group of scientists and entrepreneurs with interests ranging from biological and genetic process to cosmetics, but with one common passion: SKIN.

Patents were developed in 2013 and licensed by CIEMAT, CCSTA and the Botín Foundation. Since 2014 BioDan has worked and distributed its products in partnership like with Praxis Pharmaceutical and Sanitas International manufacturing.

Our team

Meet us

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Alfredo Brisac
President and CEO

Previously Vice-President of AT Kearney and Managing Director at Neumann International. Alfredo began his career as a Researcher and Quality Manager at Thornton Co. (Boston, USA). Holds an MBA and an MSc in Industrial Engineering.

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Dr Jose Luis Jorcano
President of the Scientific Board

Managing Director of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Madrid’s Carlos III University and Managing Director of Biomedicine at CIEMAT. Jose was previously General Manager of the GENOMA Foundation in Spain and a Researcher at the Max Planck Institute. Holds a PhD in Physics.