BioDan Print

3D Bio Printing for Large-Scale Manufacture of Living Organs

Our skin printing technology based on the use of 3D bio printers and patented bio active inks is in development and have obtained succesful pre-clinical results.

Bio Printing for Testing Purposes

Printed skin for drug, cosmetic, sanitary and chemical consumer product testing ready for final production and marketing.

Large-scale allogeneic skin printing. Successful pre-clinical studies already completed.

Use of patented bio inks approved for animal testing. Ready for EU approval

Industrial design according to EU (CE) regulations

Bio Printing image
Living Human Skin from Neonate

100% human skin, double layer with keratinocytes, fibroblasts over a human fibrin scaffold, with full strato corneum and capable of generating its own human living collagenes.

Characterized Living Skin Model

Fully reproducible enabling statistical test analysis and compliant with regulatory bodies in target markets (ECVAM, EMA, etc.)

Intended Business Model

‘Implant’ manufacturing within large companies for their own use as an internal service. Joint venture with leading globlal biomaterial supplies to deliver to final users. Third party testing service.

Bio Printing for Clinical

Bio Printing for Clinical Purposes (Expected 2017)

Bioactive wound healing with allogeneic skin for chronic ulcers

Successful pre-clinical phase already complete

Technique uses the same patented bio inks already approved by the AEMPS

Requires GMP manufacture process approval for inks and final skin as well as EMA approval through a centralized clinical trial (phase II/III)