BioDan Sciences

Nanotechnology for Cosmetics, Dermatology and Ophthalmology

BioDan Sicences produces organic natural ingredients based on intelligent vectorization vehicles capable of penetrating the stratum corneum to reach target basal cells.

We design both in vitro and in vivo skin testing models and provide a range of development services to third parties creating high value ingredients, from developing new specific applications to upgrading existing formulations and expanding product life cycles.

Our services

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Custom Ingredient Development for Third Parties

Highly effective drug delivery systems designed to improve absorption by penetrating the stratum corneum and reaching target cells, allowing ingredients to work as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

BioDan develops ultra-deformable, highly biocompatible and biodegradable green clean nanovesicles made from vegetal ingredients capable of reducing themselves to one-tenth of their normal size to maximize penetration.

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Next Generation Ingredient Design

Intelligent nanocarriers twice as deformable as other ingredient technologies allow molecules to penetrate the stratum corneum via topic application.

Bio-nanotechnology built with 100% vegetable protein structures that ensure high functionality. 100% clean, avoiding the use of parabens, chemicals and non-covalent technologies.

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Skin Testing Services

Our 3D bioprinted human skin model features a well-differentiated epidermis with stratum corneum, a bilayer of reconstructed human epidermis and dermis cultured on a fibrin matrix. With a dermal layer capable of producing its own human collagen, our model is an excellent alternative to in vitro drug and vehicle screening.

We also offer an in vivo skin test model for dermatological drug development using both validated human skin with various dermatological pathologies and normal healthy skin.

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BioDan Sciences provides support for a range of services covering product and
ingredient design to product testing and manufacturing

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Moisturizing: Generates ingredients twice as effective as Hyaluronic Acid

Lifting: More effective collagen generation than peptides and botulin

Skin Irritation: The most effective ingredient for people suffering from psoriasis

Anti-Ageing: Effective micro-cardiovascular skin system

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Psoriasis: Selective elimination of ILH17 and ILH22 lymphocytes without need for subcutaneous injections

Ichthyosis X: Provision of enzymes to suprabasal keratinocytes in response to abnormal gene

Netherton Syndrome: Protein capable of modulating proteolysis of desmosomes

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siRNA, enzyme and moisturizing molecule vectorization capable of penetrating the cornea to help treat:

Dry Eyes


Macular Corneal Dystrophy

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