BioDan Sciences

Custom Ingredient Development for Third Parties

BioDan Sciences designs highly effective drug delivery systems intended to improve absorption by penetrating the stratum corneum and reaching target cells. 

Highly Effective Drug Delivery Systems

We develop highly stable green, clean and extremely biocompatible and biodegradable nanovesicles made from GRAS-listed or organic natural compounds and tailored with a customized composition to the needs of each individual client.

Our ultra-deformable nanovesicles are capable of reducing themselves to one-tenth of their normal size in order to penetrate the stratum corneum and reach the deepest layers of the skin. The majority of existing skin treatments fail to permeate this all-important barrier which accounts for all of the skin’s barrier properties. This maximizes the efficiency of our ingredients, improving internalization and enhancing effectiveness.

Designed to enhance penetration and bio-distribution properties, our vehicles possess an improved capacity to associate high molecular weight macromolecules and small vegetal ingredients for application in the cosmetic, dermatological and ophthalmological industries.

Our extensive experience working with keratinocytes positions us perfectly to successfully apply our work in the ophthalmological sector, designing ingredients capable of penetrating the eye’s cornea.

We also work with companies with access to raw vegetable or organic material producing high-value ingredients to significantly improve their effectiveness.

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Scaling Up Capabilties

The final step in getting your drug product development project across the finish line

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Our team conducts a risk assessment and feasibility batches to enable larger scale production. An examination of the range of material attributes and process steps defines the limitations associated with the ranges of process parameters.

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The scaling up process usually requires modification and the re-evaluation of critical process parameters. Our experts offer consulting services regarding any change in equipment, material attributes or process changes.

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BioDan offers scaling up and production capacities along with our research associates in line with GMP regulations